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Crazy Ideas about Police

Where did I get these crazy ideas about police? Over 40 years ago, when I took over the command of my first police department at age 30, I wrote the job announcement you see below. We were looking (then) for good men who would help us do something new… something great. It was a dream […]

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Training Police in Afghanistan

Dr. Catherine Norman from the US Center for Naval Analysis released her latest research from Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Entitled “What Do Afghans Want from the Police?,” the research focused on public perceptions and desired end-state for the development of the Afghan National Police. She found some very interesting opinions from residents of Helmand Province […]

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Originally posted on Metro News:
More than 600 Edmonton Police Service members have improved interaction with the mentally ill, according to preliminary results of a unique training program. Dr. Peter Silverstone, of the University of Alberta’s department of psychiatry, delivered the news to the Edmonton Police Commission at a meeting Thursday evening. “The data we…

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The Great Manipulation

More on “jukin’ the stats. I first talked about this problem on this blog on May 24, 2012. And it’s a significant part of my new book, Arrested Development. It’s not only HOW police measure, but that while doing so they are HONEST. Now there are some new developments reported by the New York Times last […]

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How Would You Rate Your Local Police? And By What Criteria?

Well, it’s been almost thirty years since the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) published my first book, “How to Rate Your Local Police.” Why not do a re-visiting? After all, I put an outline of the book in my newest book, “Arrested Development.” What did I say then and what should I (after some years of […]

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“Show me your papers!”

“Show me your papers!” Why ordering our nation’s police to do immigration enforcement is a bad idea.  Police as immigration enforcement officers? Isn’t illegal immigration illegal? These are the questions that many folks honestly ask. It is about time our nation’s police leaders answer them because they know why immigration enforcement is a bad idea. […]

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