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The Future: Part II

Future of Policing Essays: American Policing in 2022 Part II During the next few weeks I will be publishing excerpts from twenty or more of these essays with the hope of generating some discussion on what these police leaders and academics have to say about the future of our men and women in blue. Enjoy […]

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Analyzing a Police Shooting

  A 23 minute high-speed chase involving two passengers, later found to be unarmed. 137 shots fired by police in a period of less than 30 seconds. Up to 70 officers involved. (November 29, 2012) Put yourself in the position of being a police supervisor called upon to evaluate this kind of event. What would […]

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The Importance of Fixing Things

    Let me state this pure and simple: whenever police action results in the serious injury or death of another person police need to deeply and honestly examine what happened, be open about what they uncover, and if something went wrong — fix it! Here are some internal questions that need to be asked… […]

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POLICE TRANSFORMATION: The Role of a Teaching Workbook

POLICE TRANSFORMATION: THE ROLE OF A TEACHING WORKBOOK PART 6 of 10  The Quality Leadership Workbook played a big part in our/my process of transformation because it described the values, vision, mission, practices and direction in which we needed to go. The Workbook was used to train leaders and then as a teaching format when […]

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Police v. Smartphones: A Fight Worth Fighting?

In the old days, police and journalists worked together, each being somewhat dependent upon the other. At a crime, we police could say to a photojournalist, “Hey, would you please not take a photo of this?” Cooperation was important to both sides. Sure, there were tensions between competing interests, but for the most part, they […]

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“Do What You Gotta Do?” Police, Media and Cultural Violence

This is post number TWO HUNDRED! And why not present an eternal question: does art portray reality or is it the other way around? When it comes to depicting police and their work, I have a sneaking suspicion that what folks see on television and in the movies may influence how they think about them and expect them to act. And if […]

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Some Thoughts on Jailing Jailers

On old friend from my days in the criminal justice trenches of Madison, Wisconsin, served as county sheriff for a number of years. He began his criminal justice career as a deputy, then graduated from the University of Wisconsin law school. He went on to serve as a prosecutor and then head of prisons in Wisconsin. He now serves […]

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The Twelve Principles of Leadership: Principle Five

During a twelve-day period of time, I will be posting daily one of the Twelve Principles of Quality Leadership followed by some questions you, as a leader, may wish to ask yourself. Hopefully the description and inquiry will cause you to think about how you lead and what you may need to do to improve […]

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Chief, What Would You Do?

The following article depicts a new social trend. It should not surprise us the idea of “flash mobs” is now part of our culture. In the past, a flash mob can be gathered by social media — Hey, let’s all go to the union station tomorrow night at 8.” Most of us have seen the power of this […]

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What About CompStat and Crime Reduction?

    Recently, Chief Mike Masterson of Boise wrote me about CompStat and lowering the crime rate:      “In regards to the heralded CompStat I wonder how agencies like Houston, Boise and countless other departments who focus on using data to prevent, deter and solve crime and for problem solving but skip the brow-beating and “bullying” that […]

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