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Trashing the POP Center

 Feds Trash the Problem Oriented Policing Center: Another Example of Anti-Intellectualism (among other things…) One of the push-backs I occasionally receive from my former colleagues is about my position with regard to the existence of an “arrested development” within policing. I maintain that an attitude of anti-intellectualism* pervades the field all the way into the federal government. To me, anti-intellectualism has been the major impediment to police professionalization […]

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On Hiring a Chief of Police

One of the most important of public decisions any elected or appointed official will ever make will be this one. It is a critical decision and involves the future of your city. Your decision will have force and effect on your city and its visitors for years to come. So what are the basics here? […]

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Is Improving Police an Impossible Task?

            In 1960,  when I first pinned on a badge, I was a “college cop”—on the beat at night and in class during the day. That experience changed my life. By the end of the decade, I was chosen to lead the police department in Madison, Wisc.—a cultural epicenter of […]

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Summarizing “Arrested Development”

BOOK SUMMARY: Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police. Four obstacles have traditionally (and presently) “arrested” the development of our nation’s police and prevented them from becoming the kind of police a democracy needs: Anti-intellectualism – Not understanding the importance […]

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The Four Obstacles

THE FOUR OBSTACLES WHICH HAVED TENDED TO ARREST OUR NATION’S POLICE [An excerpt from the preface of the book Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police, by David C. Couper] “My vision for police is that they can be fair, effective […]

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Officer Schoolcraft — Why He Matters

Officer Adrian Schoolcraft – Why He Matters and Why You Most Likely Won’t Hear About Him Again  Three years ago, Officer Adrian Schoolcraft, a nine-year veteran of the New York Police Department (former Navy medic and son of a retired NYPD captain), was apprehended by fellow officers and supervisors from his precinct and forcibly taken […]

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Should Cops Be Compassionate?

This week, James E. Causey, a columnist with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote about an interview he had with a retired Milwaukee detective entitled, “When Cops Become Jaded.” It was refreshing to read that Causey had brought to the public’s attention a problem that I think besets most of our nation’s police and needs some […]

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“The Best of Our Knowledge” An Interview with Jim Fleming

As many of you know, I was Chief of the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department for more than twenty years.  Though I’ve spent much of the past two decades in the ministry, I continue to care deeply about police and their role in preserving the peace and assuring justice in our society. In my new book […]

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“Show me your papers!”

“Show me your papers!” Why ordering our nation’s police to do immigration enforcement is a bad idea.  Police as immigration enforcement officers? Isn’t illegal immigration illegal? These are the questions that many folks honestly ask. It is about time our nation’s police leaders answer them because they know why immigration enforcement is a bad idea. […]

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Talking it Through: Teen-Police Relations

Talking it Through: Improving police-youth relations I have been rather harsh with the NYPD on stop and frisk. Now this new video (featuring, incidentally, retired police officers and not those currently employed) gets to the core of what I have been talking about with regard to “unconditional respect.” One of the characteristics of good (great?) […]

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