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              Officer, What’s Your Future? Are You Destroying Your Employees? More On Employee Destruction Principles of Leadership Making Choices: The Moral Aspects of Policing The Future: Don’t Let Technology Blind Your Humanity The Seven Necessary Steps — Step 1: Not Just For Police! “Blue Courage” — Coming to a […]

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2013 In Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Folks from over 150 countries viewed this blog on how to improve their police. Thanks to all of you who visited, commented, and/or took action on what you found here! Click here to see the complete report.

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HOLIDAY POLICE SPECIAL! You’ve Heard About Black Friday and Internet Monday… They’re now history. But today it’s BLUE FRIDAY and a Half-Price Deal for You During the Month of December as a Holiday Special! Yes, it’s just one more effort to get the word out to our nation’s police leaders about what they need to […]

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Upstream-Downstream: Familiar?

One of the interesting fables I used I used in teaching leadership over the years was “Upstream-Downstream,” by Don Ardell (1975). To hear the story on video, CLICK HERE. And then tell me how this may or may not apply to your work. Then think about what needs to be done. How can you begin to work […]

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Little Rays of Hope

Last week, I wrote about Chief Chris Burbank who heads up the Salt Lake City Police Department. I described him as “my kind of chief;” that is, a leader who seems committed to police improvement and (of course) seems to lead in the manner that I describe in my new book. So I am interested in you helping me out. What police […]

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Will Police Take This First and Necessary Step?

Sabine Lobitz and I wrote the following article for our nation’s police leaders in the late 1980s to draw attention to what we thought was a growing movement in America that our nation’s police need to get in step with — a passion for high quality products AND services. We believed our fellow police leaders would soon agree […]

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Once More For Community Oriented Policing

John Buntin writes in last week’s New York Times Magazine how the Los Angeles Police Department used a good dose of community-oriented policing to get a handle on their gang problem in his article, “What Does It Take to Stop Crips and Bloods From Killing Each Other?” It turns out that a “soft approach” (community […]

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A Better Way to Train

The “Seattle Times” recently reported on a change in their state police academy which trains Seattle police. It reflects the issue of using “stress-based” training for police. An issue this blog (and my new book) have addressed in the past. When I took over command of the Madison (Wisc.) police in the early 70s I […]

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A Question for Today’s Chief of Police: Whom Do You Serve?

A Question for Today’s Chiefs of Police: Whom Do You Serve? Who should police chiefs serve? Their organization or the citizens in their community? The answer, of course, cannot be one or the other, but both. Yes, a chief is the leader of police in the community, but he or she is also the chief […]

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Is It Too Much To Expect?

Is it too much to expect that police would develop less-than-lethal ways to take persons into custody who are threatening others with blunt or edged weapons? I would expect by this time in our history we would have worked out some other method than having to kill people who are acting out in this way. […]

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