Step Two: Selecting the Finest and Brightest

This week’s post is about the SECOND STEP to improve not only police departments, but all our workplaces.

Step one was ENVISION – chart a course of where your organization needs to go. Visions should be bold and breathtaking. Now we go to STEP TWO:

Step two of this seven step process  is to SELECT the finest/best and brightest into your organization. I write in my book:

 “So, why would an educated person want to join the police? When I was in Madison, the first thing I would mention was the opportunity for both personal and professional growth. Second, I would tell them we were an organization that is committed to listening to and acting on the valued ideas of its employees; that is, in Madison, a police officer isn’t simply a cog in the organization wheel, he or she is a player. Third, as a member of this department you will have the privilege to serve, protect others, help those who are disadvantage in our society and contribute to the social good. In being committed to developing a quality, world-class department from the inside out you must always begin with proper selection of the best and brightest in your community to serve as police officers. Our future demands no less.”

Attraction to your organization and selection of the best of those attracted start the long, but immensely rewarding, process of IMPROVEMENT.