Coffee With a Cop

images“Building trust with the community one cup at a time.”

The following information comes from the e-newsletter of the COPS Office, December 2013. It’s a simple (but important) thing that many community-oriented police officers do on a regular basis.

What’s important here is that it’s coming from the U.S. Department of Justice.


       “Just two years later, Coffee with a Cop events are being hosted in more than 36 states across the nation.

       “Community policing has long been considered a framework for establishing relationships between the community and the police. The importance of trust between officers and residents certainly has not changed. What has dramatically changed, however, is the character and composition of our nation’s communities. Shifting demographics, greater mobility with longer commutes to and from work, instantaneous communications, and the advent of web-based social networking have forever altered the very concept of community. With this redefinition, community policing itself must gain a contemporary perspective.

       “So, in this ever-changing world, how can law enforcement personnel engage in quality interactions with the people they serve? Hawthorne Police Department (PD) found one answer to that question, and as Captain Bill Bongle from the Green Bay Police concluded ‘It is elegant in its simplicity’—just have a cup of coffee. In over 175 communities across the nation, law enforcement agencies are doing just that. Coffee with a Cop is enhancing community trust, increasing police legitimacy, and building partnerships. Community members come to their local Coffee with a Cop event for a variety of reasons, but no matter why they come, they are likely to leave with a more positive impression of their local law enforcement officers.”

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