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Even when we know it’s for the good. We are all creatures of habit and I am afraid the old adage is true: “The only person in the world that seriously desires change is a baby with a wet diaper.”

But if any of us are going to lead change, that change must first begin with US. Again, from Arrested Development:

“We all had, over the years, found comfort in the old leadership model. When I began as a leader, I made a lot of mistakes—but I kept on trying to get it right. I expected the same from others. I came to learn this about organizational change: it should never be imposed from the boss to the workers, but rather from the inside out—that is, after listening, input and study from within the organization. While everyone may not agree with the final direction taken, they need to understand why it is being taken. And once the change is internalized within the department, it can be introduced to the community.

“What I began to see is that if I change myself—that is, walk my own talk, or practice what I preach—I teach in a most significant and lasting way. I became the lesson I wanted to teach. In order to do it myself, however, I had to clearly explain, specifically, what I was talking about, why the new approach was necessary for our future, how we would begin to practice it. Then I had to deeply and intently listen to their feedback—how they were understanding what I was trying to communicate.”

The next blog: “Police Transformation: The Role of a Teaching Workbook.”

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