Let’s Talk (Again) About Community Policing

In this instance, one video says it all…

From my book, “Arrested Development“:

“Our nation’s police have been unable or slow to return to the community-oriented role they were in the process of working through (prior to 9/11)—such as soft methods of crowd control, neighborhood policing, and focusing on solving community problems. Too many of our nation’s police are busy looking instead for terrorists in the community rather than support from it.

“This new militarism has gripped police and turned them away from the pursuit of community policing to focus on technology to solve their problems and antiterrorism as their new focus. It isn’t that the threat of urban terrorism should be ignored, but rather, who should have the primary responsibility? I see the police as community workers—not urban commandos.”

This video shows that police in Boise, Idaho get it!

Officers, loosen up! Enjoy your journey.