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Here’s a few of the topics (in alphabetical order) that I have discussed during the past three years in over 250 posts.

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        • Becoming a teaching organization.
        • Blue Courage.
        • Bullying and hazing in the academy.
        • Community trust and support.
        • Community-Oriented Policing.
        • Compassionate policing.
        • Crime statistics.
        • Critical issues.
        • Diversity and policing.
        • Education of police.
        • Ethics of policing.
        • Four obstacles to police improvement.
        • Future of policing.
        • Gays and Lesbians in policing.
        • Handling public protest.
        • Healthy police.
        • How to Rate Your Local Police.
        • Improving Police
        • ISO and Quality Management standards.
        • Joy of policing.
        • Juking the stats.
        • Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO).
        • Leadership versus management.
        • Leading By Wandering Around (LBWA).
        • Learning from mistakes.
        • Mental health issues.
        • Militarization.
        • Neighborhood policing.
        • New Quality Leadership Workbook (2014).
        • Organizational change and transformation.
        • Police and politics.
        • Police book: Arrested Development (2012)
        • Police subculture.
        • Police leaders.
        • Policies and procedures.
        • Policing around the world.
        • Policing problems.
        • Policing values.
        • Principles of Quality Leadership.
        • Problem-Oriented Policing.
        • Professional policing.
        • Quality Leadership (QL).
        • Recruiting quality police officers.
        • Selecting the best and brightest.
        • Seven Necessary Improvement Steps.
        • Seven Seeds of Policing.
        • Shootings by police.
        • Stop and frisk.
        • Ten Hard Lessons.
        • Training police.
        • Twelve Qualities of Policing.
        • Use of force.
        • Women in policing.
        • And MORE…