How’s This Blog Doing?

Unknown It’s going on four years now that Improving Police has been published.

The purpose of this blog was to generate thinking about improving our nation’s police. It was also used to introduce two books of mine — “Arrested Development” and “The New Quality Leadership Workbook for Police.”

Since that time, there have been over 250 posts on this site encompassing a variety of topics; for example, drones, leadership, the use of force, practicing community-oriented policing and walking our talk.

Over 108,ooo folks have visited this site. They come from not only the U.S. but from over 140 countries around the world. And there are over 500 “Followers;” those who receive an email everytime there is a new post.

The interest in improving police may be more universal than we think.

But if I am to “WALK MY TALK” about improvement, leadership and quality, I need to ask YOU how this blog is working for you.

Would you be so kind as to CLICK HERE (a link to “Survey Monkey”) and answer a few questions anonymously as to how this blog can do a better job for you? It should only take a few minutes.


And here’s to high-quality, customer-oriented policing which is accomplished by police officers who are educated, well-trained, controlled in the use of force, honest, and courteous!